About me

About me

Jesus lover, fur mama, teacher, coffee addict, connoisseur of fine chocolate and desserts.

Meet Doris

Welcome! My name is Doris Fuentes and I am the person behind the camera. I named my business after my two beautiful fur babies, Atticus and Bailey.

Doris Fuentes


My passion is shooting outdoor portraits with natural light at or during sunset.


I am a professional photographer with experience in day and lowlights situations. I strive to capture natural portraits in natural light; usually when the sun is setting. I believe those to be the most beautiful photos you can take. Now, I love taking night time photos as well. I'm an avid flash user when it comes to night photography. There is real magic and mystery in night photographs.


I love listening to my clients and helping them achieve the image and look they are striving for. I adapt my knowledge and style to every individual client.


I love supporting my clients with suggestions and recommendations on what to wear and location that can capture the image they are striving for.

What I do

I focus on getting to know my clients and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. My goal is for everyone to feel their best and have a fun time.