What to wear to look great in photos

Welcome, everyone! Do you want to select the best outfit to make you look spectacular? Yay, me too. And, I will guide you on what steps you need to take. Fitted Clothing If you want to look lean and trim, you need to opt for a form-fitting outfit. In other words, wear your current size. Do not wear a size too small or too large. In photos, you can tell if the clothing is too tight or a little too lose. […]

The best accessories to wear to a photoshoot

  Do you want to select the best accessories that will make you stand out? Yes, I do! And you can, too.  Selection You want to select accessories that match or pair well with your outfit. If you plan to wear a classic LBD (little black dress), you want to select classic jewelry as well. How odd would it be, to see the first lady, wearing gaudy fashion jewelry? I would say, very odd. Especially, since I would bet she has a personal stylist. […]

3 tips to look great for outdoor portraits

Welcome guys! I am so glad you’re here prepping for your next photo session. I have three tips, I recommend on how to look your absolute best! Tip#1 One way to find your best color is to look back through your Facebook photos or anywhere you store your photographs. Notice the color you were wearing in your favorite photos, write the color down on paper, and look to see which color the winner is. Once, you have located the color […]